New year, new look

I’m talking about a new look for the site of course.

I tend to not make new year’s resolutions. In fact, me and my partner spend New Year’s day eating crap (usually McDonald’s, super-sized) so that we take the pressure off of the new-year-better-you mentality that tends to hit everyone January first. But, I did decide that I wanted to make a change to the site. So, here it is, the new look finally finished (plus or minus a couple of tweaks in the coming months).


For starters, I have to thank my friend Sacha for creating the logo—a simple and pretty update to the site. For more of her photography check out her site here.

Also, please follow along at The Whale & The Rose and Canadian Living for updates on my work. I write and edit over there on the regular and would love for you to read and engage with the content. It’s all beauty, perfume and fashion content.

Blog 2.0

Make sure to keep checking back to see what I’m currently working on or to check out the blog where I’ll post sporadically about whatever is currently on my brain. This is a pretty informal site, but I’m interested in maintaining a space where I can chatter on about things that don’t necessarily fit the outlets I write for.

Happy new year folks.